Spirit Guides

RedHawk A good share of humanity has re-awakened to the level of consciousness to accept the truth about who we really are. Our Guides have always been here with us to assist with our experiences and progress. All are present to help guide us in service to the truth, for our return to the Right Mind, or Heaven.

We all have Spirit Guides. Some have been with us our whole lifetime, from previous or multiple lifetime experiences, and others are only with us for a short period in this one. Some have experienced being in human form and some not. Guides can be our Guardian Angels, Angels, Master Teachers, Previous Life Experience Acquaintances, Elementals, Soul Group, Fairies, Animal Guides, Intergalactic, Elves, and Ancestral Guides.

Your Spirit Guide that presents itself to me, is the Guide that is most timely for your life path, growth, and spiritual healing in the present.

Soul Drawings

My definition of these drawings is; as an extension of your own spirit personality that many call the soul; from one of its life experiences, past, present, or future, in the projected illusion of time.

Spirit Guides book

Interested in a revealing book about Guides and the world we chose to experience in the perception/illusion of being separate from God? Check into this book by Iris Belhayes with Enid (her guide).

There are other books out there, but this is the one I am familiar with. Available at Barnes&Noble online.

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