NW Psychic Fairs

I am offering sessions at the NW Psychic Fairs held on the 1st Sat. (Federal Way), 2nd Sat. (Mill Creek, WA) and the 3rd Sat. (Seattle, WA) of the month from 10am-5pm.  Check www.nwpsychicfairs.com for location and other information.

If you are traveling a long distance please double check with me the day before to make sure I’m going to be present that day.

Remember also that you can have a remote drawing done and shipped to you by mail.

Emerald Spiral Expo – March 25, 2018

This is the largest Expo (Holistic and Psychic Fair) in Washington and its held at Kent Commons, Kent, WA on the 4th Saturday of March and September each year from 10am-5pm. Each time I will be working in a team with a partner who gives a message from the Guide while I do the drawing. When working with Ginny Ciszek she gives a detailed message from the Guide while I do the Guide’s portrait. See www.IAMSpiritArt.com for more info and pricing guidelines.

Cosmic Cafe Meetup ~ Spirit Art Night ~ Opportunity to win the Artwork.

Once every 3 months or so I will be creating a work of spirit art for the group in a live demonstration!

This is an enlightening and energetic night for group intuition and higher dimensional contact. The high vibration energy the artwork exudes will put a smile on your face!

It is held at IntraSpace in the Old Rainier Brewery building on Airport Way in Seattle on scheduled Monday nights and we ask for a $10 donation fee to help cover the cost of the space rental.

Intuitives, experienced and explorers alike have a fun time blurting out what it is they are seeing in their mind’s eye and I work as the instrument of manifesting it into a drawing.

One person in the group wins the drawing/painting to take home and have the Light Being’s energy bless you and your home.

Check out and join the Cosmic Cafe meetup to get the announcements.

The meetup site has examples of artwork that has been created during this fun group participation eve.

I am doing this out of my support as a Cosmic Cafe Co-host, to support the IntraSpace center, and mostly to help spread the messages and awareness to our society of the Souls who help guide and inspire us to do our best with staying on our chosen path toward Soul Ascension for humanity.

Tuesday Nights – Lou Frees Showcase

If you would like to have a drawing done in person during the week, I may be attending Lou Free’s Showcase & Networking Group now and then on Tues. nights in Federal Way, WA.

This is a fun and enlightening evening with presentations and gifted Readers available before and after the event.  There is also wonderful food service!

I can do your Spirit Guide drawing during the presentation (7-9pm) or a little before/after.

Location: Currently looking for a new location. Check the facebook group for info.

Email or call me to make sure I’m attending. Thank you!

Drawings are $30 without a message / $40 with a message.