Drawings ordered here are done in my studio with a submission of your full name, shipping address, and completed payment. Your Guides know you are contacting me and will show up when invited. I will get the Guide’s name, a short message, and sometimes symbols.

* Your original artwork is carefully packaged in a box and sent by USPS domestic only. International shipping can be arranged through my Etsy store.

“I was taught that I won’t have all of the answers to what is drawn, and this is because “they” want you to practice using your own intuition, do a little research, and “meditate with intention” for more answers and inspiration. I encourage you to also take your drawing to your local trusted Intuitive/Medium to receive more messages from your Guide. If anyone ever asks for large sums of money for “help that you need” due to a message from your Guide, politely decline, and find another person to help you.

Scroll way down to see “purchase tips” for more info.

9X12 Sketch with spot color*

Example: Angel Spirit Guide “Enof”


$60 incl tax ship

$55 NW Fair special



Full color on 11X14 inch mat board*

Example: Angel “Ruby”

Ruby Angel 5X6 WM

$160 incl tax ship


9X12 Sketch Gift Certificate

Receive an emailed pdf > print > cut > fold > give > gift recipient gets a drawing delivered.

Cert SAMPLE Level 12.18.18

$60 incl tax ship Certificate


2 Sketches – One Ship

Angelique Jophiel

$110 -2 Sketches


Personal Symbolic Spirit Art – 11X14 Canvas

LC 90 11X14

$175 Symbol Art





6.5 ft. H  X  5 ft. W Canvas Spirit Painting

Example: Golden Angel

© Susan McAliley 2019 All Rights Reserved

$7K ~

Very Large Original painting. Price includes special crated delivery in the U.S. lower 48.

Please contact me for more information.



Purchase Tips:

If your order is a gift, please write the full name and address of the person who is to have the guide drawing done for them on the Paypal order form (near the bottom where it says ADD SPECIAL DRAWING INSTRUCTIONS HERE:) or send an email with the information a.s.a.p.

Shipping Times: The amount of time for the 9X12″ Sketches & 11X14″ Drawings, to be mailed out is up to 14 business days depending on my schedule. (1) month for the Personal Symbolic Spirit Art. Commissioned painting 6-12 months. Please contact me if you need your art to arrive by a specific date.

Gift Certificates are also available as a hard copy by snail mail.  Type “Gift Certificate” in the ADD SPECIAL DRAWING INSTRUCTIONS HERE spot near the bottom of the order form during your Paypal purchase. Request a hard copy. (It will be mailed to the shipping address.)

Purchases for shipping to other countries, Hawaii, and Alaska, should be made on my Etsy shop (LINK) for accurate shipping costs. If you order from this site for outside of the U.S. mainland, I will contact you for extra postal costs before working on the drawing.

All prices are subject to change.

*Shipping costs shown are for US Domestic shipment only.

Paypal Options (not for artwork)

The buttons below are ONLY for optional denominations that may be needed for approved sales. Each button adds the required King County Sales Tax.



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