Recommended Books

Spirit Guides book

Interested in a revealing book about Guides and the world we chose to experience in the perception/illusion of being separate from God? Check into this book by Iris Belhayes with Enid (her guide).

There are other books out there, but this is the one I am familiar with. Available at Barnes&Noble online.



DU book coverWow! this is the book (series) for you if you want to learn how to have inner peace in this world. Not only that, but truly end your cycles of life and death, pain and suffering. However, not everyone is ready for this information. It will point you in the direction of a self-study course that you can do on your own time.  Since the 70’s MANY people have done A Course in Miracles, or began it, and our Ascended Guides/Teachers observed that humans “weren’t getting it” so they came back and provided this information to help us all. Shown is the first of (4) books by Gary Renard, with the teachings provided by the direct and amazing guidance of two “manifestations of Spirit” that showed up on his living room couch! You may not be able to put it down. Its changed my life and how we all can help our brothers and sisters choose again, and use the right mind. If you truly “get this”, and practice it, you may not need other methods for healing because, healing is of “the mind” (not the brain) and when the mind is healed, the body naturally follows. Ready your mind. Find your Guide sent directly from God. Separation consciousness is the only problem we really have…..As a trilogy, 2 more books follow this one. Your Immortal Reality and Love Has Forgotten No One. A 4th book is The Lifetimes When Jesus and Buddha Knew Each Other. Read about the correction of Christianity from messengers of the truth. Available on


First released in Nov. 2015, this book can guide you in the direction of answers you need to heal chronic conditions for reasons that the Medical Community doesn’t even know exist yet, or chooses to overlook, since careers are built around sickness.

Its about multiple strains of two viruses and toxicities and guides you with what to eat, supplements to take, and what foods, myths, and medical practices aren’t being very helpful, or may even be causing you more problems. Sign up for his newsletter and check out his many archived radio programs, and newer publications with more information and recipes: Life Changing Foods, Thyroid Healing, and Liver rescue at:


The Archangels think you should read this book! This is a powerful & simple “spiritual healing self-help book”. Published in 2015, it’s very timely for our current age. It helps you to understand and use tools encouraged by the spiritual realm while we stumble around in our dream of life in a body. You can purchase it from online bookstores like: Barnes & Nobles.

Clearly the author/instrument for Love was guided to provide this information to help humanity heal from its indoctrinated “perception” of the separation from God and the fear that destroys our spirit-vessel.