WEBSITE PORTRAITSusan McAliley began Freelancing in 1987 and illustrated primarily for American Girl Doll Company from 1989-2009 followed by a high quality pet portrait oil painting service for several years…life was leading her toward another purpose.

In 2011 she began “opening up” to her life’s purposeful connection as a Spiritual Medium for the greatest good and to use her artistic talent to heal and serve God’s will. Her understanding is that Spirit Guides are very involved in helping us to navigate our life experiences and chosen spiritual path.

Knowing about their existence will in turn help us to heal our mind, return home to Spirit forever, and be released from the cycles of birth and death.

Through the physical manifestation in each portrait the connection to a person’s guidance is strengthened. The drawings may be considered a “Consciousness Amplification Device” creating a thought energy connection between dimensions.

The results of a personal guide session is interesting, heartwarming, and spiritually healing. People have found joy and a sense of peace as they have been able to release various fears such as being alone in the world, especially when they remember, or realize the “recognition” of a heart-connected soul or angelic being.”

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