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PSYCHIC EPISODES Spirit Guide Portraits + Current Energy Report – Ep. 38


Susan McAliley began her career as a Freelance Artist in 1987 and illustrated primarily for American Girl Doll Company from 1989-2009. She also provided a high quality pet portrait oil painting service for several years.

In 2011 she began drawing spirit guide portraits and realizes how important guides are in helping us to navigate our life experiences. Knowing about their existence will in turn help us to heal our mind.

Because of the physical manifestation in each portrait a stronger energy connection is created to a person’s guides. The drawings may be considered a “Consciousness Amplification Device” creating an energy portal between dimensions.

Each personal session is interesting, heartwarming, and spiritually healing. People have found joy and a sense of peace as they have been able to release various fears such as being alone in the world, especially when they realize the “recognition” of a heart-connected soul or angelic being.

If you would like to practice contacting your Guide with the drawing, calm your mind by meditating in a quiet place. Ear plugs can be helpful. Tell your Guardian Angel to protect your space from anything other than your Guides. Focus into the eyes of the drawing, ask a question, and see what you get for an answer. Be prepared to write down what you receive.

Your true guidance from a Guide or your higher self will only be positive and reaffirming. Anything other than that is not coming from a Diving source and the best thing is to have your favorite Deity lovingly escort it back to Source or “God” for healing.

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